Volume No. 2 Issue No.: 2 Page No.: 264-267 October-December 200




Reena Saxena

Cambridge Girls P.G. College, Idgah Hills, Bhopal (INDIA)


Received on : August 4, 2007




Interferon are a family of naturally occurring glycoprotein, produced by animal and cultural cell in response to viral infection which in turns inhibits viral replication. Interferon have been identified as Alpha, Beta and Gamma. Gamma interferon has proved to be effective against blood cancer. This present study shows the vaccination of interferon gamma against blood cancer using Bioinformatic tools. Bioinformatic tools (Fasta, Blast, clustalW and Phylodendron) selected. Select protein or nucleotide sequence from data base available at NCBI site. Convert it into Fasta format and save it and refer it as query sequence. Search homologous sequences of query sequence by running Blast. Select some of the sequences from Blast hits and run ClustalW to get multiple sequences alignment in order to get evolutionary distance between query and Blast sequences. Run Phylodendron to get tree which helps to get the closest related sequences and save the result carefully for interpretation and further analysis. 136 Blast hits of protein sequences obtained with query sequences. Phylodendron study shows closest relationship of query sequence with Oryza sativa in plant. Since it is known interferon synthesized in the organism in response to viral infection. So this study showing that interferon gamma found in Oryza sativa as a natural glycoprotein so the gene coded for these protein can be extracted or can be cloned in huge amount through Recombinant DNA technology.


Keywords : Interferon gamma, Oryza sativa 136 Blast hits, Glycoprotein, Blood Cancer, Recombinant DNA Technology.