Volume No. 8 Issue No.: 1 Page No.: 183-188 Jul-Sept. 2013




Gagan Gautam

Department of Geography, North East Hill University, Shillong (INDIA)


Received on : April 05, 2013




Sikkim a small state of North East India located between 27°46’ and 28°7’48”N latitude and between 88°0’5” and 88°55’25”E longitude in the Eastern Himalayas, has rugged terrain which due to developmental activities faces soil erosion and increasing surface run off besides other environmental problems. Hence the government here has been primarily concerned with the conservation and protection of forests. As forest is the primary resource base of the state the Government of Sikkim has launched the “State Green Mission” under which most individual, household, public and private agencies and the various departments of the government contributes towards the planting of trees all over the State. This programme besides afforestation is expected to provide fringe benefits like reduction in the surface run-off, discharge and checking soil erosion in the downhill slopes. Further this programme is expected to create a store house of genetic diversity as introduction of various indigenous species of plants are encouraged. Mass afforestation along the roads and vacant lands, streams and waterfalls are envisaged by this programme. This will not only check soil erosion and surface runoff but enhance local precipitation due to aerographic and micro-climatic effects. The programme is also expected to generate awareness on environment and forests. As the programme is proactive it will bring in a sense of participation and ownership of the common resources among the local people which will help in conservation measures. This paper focuses on the present implementation of the green mission programme in the state of Sikkim and the scope for implementation of this programme in other states of India having similar geographical conditions. The data for preparing the present paper are derived mainly from the secondary sources collected from different departments of the state government and NGOs.


Keywords : Green Mission, Environment, Development, Soil erosion, Mass offorestation