Volume No. 9 Issue No.: 1 Page No.: 67-74 July-September 2014




J. Gitanjali*, P. Venkatachalam and P. Subramanian

Department of Bio-energy, AEC and RI, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (INDIA)


Received on : December 22, 2013




The common practices among turmeric growers for turmeric cooking are traditional method and scientific method to increase the curcumin content. These methods results in non hygienic turmeric, less curcumin content and low energy efficiency. To overcome these problems, the present investigation was made to develop a high efficient combustion system for cooking of turmeric rhizomes to enhance the curcumin content. The water holding capacity of the developed lab scale steam generator is 100 litres in which 80 litres are converted to steam. The combustion system consumed 18kg of feed stocks to produce 80 litres of steam with the pressure of 8 kg cm-2 and temperature of 1000 C which is sufficient to cook 100 kg of rhizomes with residence time of 8 min. The developed combustion system enhanced the curcumin content of the rhizomes up to 6.9 per cent which is significantly higher than fresh / uncooked rhizomes (2.3 per cent). The mass and energy closure efficiencies of the system are found to be 91.26 and 91.63 per cent respectively. The energy efficiency, thermal output and power ratings of developed combustion system is 18.25 per cent, 24363.8 kcal/h and 28.33 kW respectively. The overall combustion system cum steam generator energy efficiency is 61.06 per cent.


Keywords : Turmeric, Curcumin content, Mass and energy balance, Thermal output, Power rating