Volume No. 2 Issue No.: 3 Page No.: 426-431 January-March 2008




N.N. Bandela and P.N. Puniya*

Department of Environmental Science, Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Marathwada University,


Received on : July 7, 2007




Paint is one of the most important products. It is used for various purposes in automobile industries, toy industries, painting industries and building works etc. The exact composition of particular paint is often complex and proprietary. In general, however, most paints contain the material like binder (resin), solvents, pigments and additives. In automobile industries, paints are used in bulk quantity. Before painting phosphate coating is given for improving paint adhesion and to increase corrosion resistance. Due to porous coating Paint adhesion is improved and because it has thermal expansion properties intermediated between the metal and the paint. Zinc phosphate is also recommended for maximum corrosion resistance. The effluents, which are generated from the automobile industries, are creating a big problem to the environment. Environmental health hazards arise to the workers when they are exposed to the air, drinking water and food, which may get polluted due to spraying of the paints. Mostly alkyd paint are used for painting process. During this process large amount of water is used and get polluted. Attempts has made to make simple treatment of effluents generated from automobile industries. Calcium Hydroxide and Alum are chemicals used for the experiments. Alum along with polymer shows an effective treatment of effluents. Results obtained are encouraging and worth mentioning too.


Keywords : Alum, Polyelectrolyte, Odor, COD, Automobile industries, Pigments, Solvents