Volume No. 10 Issue No.: 4 Page No.: 780-789 April-June 2016




Bhushan S.

Centre for the Study of Regional Development, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (INDIA)


Received on : January 10, 2016




Forest has always contributed an influential role to maintain natural resources in India but last two decades were very important in terms of Afforestation scenario, when it faces the flutter due to several daunting challenges like development process and social activities. Accordingly, it attracts government and policy maker attention towards protecting the existing forest area and restores the degraded land by introducing the afforestation and management process by social participation. Present study attempts to identify the growth pattern of forest in restored regions and causes of deforestation in last two decades. Besides focus has also been caston the structure of forest management and afforestation scheme with social participation involving local people and evaluate the role of Joint Forest Management (JFM) in context of forest restoration in India. This paper is at micro level study covers all districts of India and the estimation of forest growth has been analyzed by FSI (Forest Survey of India) bi-annually using the Digital Image Processing (DIP) to estimate the forest area. The results of the study revealed that, there has been a significant increase in the total forest cover in India in last two decades, where forest management with social participation helped to reduce the illicit felling of trees, reduces area under illegal encroachments and forest fire prevention. Results also indicate that afforestation programme helped in forest restoration and regeneration of forest by community involvement for non timber forest production which has impacted on the livelihood of the districts.Community involvement assures the participation of different caste, class, religion and gender according to available population proportion in particular region through Van Panchayat (village administration of forest) system. Scheme of afforestation programme succeed by focusing on agro forestry, linear forest plantation and regeneration of native plants in degraded area under National Afforestation Programme (NAP).


Keywords : Restoration, Afforestation, Management, Social participation, Community involvement