Volume No. 11 Issue No.: 4 Page No.: 748-754 April-June 2017




Kakodkar S. A. S.

Department of Civil Engineering, Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda, Goa (INDIA)


Received on : December 07, 2016




The ever increasing urban population has put tremendous pressure on Solid Waste Management and is one of the essential obligatory functions of the Local Bodies. This paper provides an insight into how we can tackle the giant problem of solid waste disposal and also how to minimise the waste pollution rapidly, to avoid overuse of non biodegradable materials resulting in grave problems of health, sanitation and environmental degradation. Most urban areas in the country are plagued by acute problems related to solid waste. Due to lack of serious efforts by town/city authorities, garbage and its management has become a tenacious problem and this not withstanding the fact that the largest part of municipal expenditure is allotted to it. Barring a few progressive municipal corporations in the country, most local bodies suffer due to non-availability of adequate expertise and experience, thereby not handling the solid waste properly, resulting a hazardous environment. The Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources studied and tested the main processes such as incineration and bio-methanation as the options for waste processing without any success. As such the method of composting is becoming important, fast and dependable method of dealing with Municipal Solid Waste. Composting is a biological process, in which the organic matter is biodegraded by microorganisms under controlled conditions of temperature, moisture content, oxygen, pH and the retention time that can be initiated by mixing biodegradable organic matter with bulking agents to enhance the porosity of the mixture. In this study, a composting plant is considered that uses organic waste which is treated by the windrow composting method. This method has a lot of qualitative benefits such as reducing the amount of municipal solid waste, transportation cost of carrying municipal solid waste to land fill, emissions and leachate of landfill, increasing life span of landfill and reducing land use.


Keywords : Solid Waste, Pollution, Composting, Microorganisms, Windrow