Volume No. 12 Issue No.: 3 Page No.: 330-334 January-March 2018




Mondal Nagendra Nath

Department of Physics, Techno India Batanagar, Kolkata, West Bengal (INDIA)


Received on : September 29, 2017




The observed data of the past and present decades have been found the change of Earth’s orbital plane about the sun and that caused of tsunamis. The solar luminosity LS what the earth is getting was observed to be (0.449 ± 0.004)×10 26 W in the month of July in 2009 at forenoon where 88% of LS was absorbed by the air molecules. Maximum LS absorption was found to be 90% in January 2010 because of the air pollution and fogs. The discrepancy of LS between the Summer solstice and the Winter solstice was about 0.01715×1 026W. The rate of change of temperature with zenith angle between the Summer solstice and the Winter solstice was about 2.47oC/deg. A Significant variations of temperature and angular momentum were observed in the monsoon period. The data of February–April at around 11:00 AM were analyzed and found inconsistencies during Tsunami in March 2011 in Japan. The change of zenith angle was determined to be 1.11% per hour. The average rate of change of zenith angles in 2007, 2011 and 2016 respectively were 25?/day, 23?42 ?/day and 17?24 ?/day, and corresponding average change of rotational angles were found respectively to be 65o15?, 71o11? and 63o46?. Solar radiation spectrum was studied and found disparities among the colors, and Positronium (Ps) involvement in the spectrum. This observation leads to demonstrate the Ps-BEC which is the fifth state of matter and one of the ingredients of Black holes, the primordial state of the Universe. The evidence of the light-light scattering in the visible range of electromagnetic waves predicts primordial universe was not really black.


Keywords : Orbital motion, Positronium, Solar Spectrum, Tsunami, Zenith angle