Volume No. 12 Issue No.: 4 Page No.: 402-409 April-June 2018




Gupta Kriti, Babu Priyanka and Sarkar Angana

Department of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, Odisha (INDIA)


Received on : September 28, 2017




Microbial proteases share 60% of market with the worldwide market of enzymes. The current study’s aim is to isolate protease producing bacteria. A total of four strains (M1, M2, G1 and G2) were isolated from water samples of Digha, West Bengal, India using milk media. Carbohydrate utilization test was carried out where 15 carbohydrates were selected. The isolated strains were positive for maltose and fructose whereas for other carbohydrates, the strains were selective. Out of the 17 antibiotics used for antibiotic sensitivity testing, the strains showed resistance against Metronidazole and sensitivity against the rest 16 antibiotics. Luria Broth containing agar and no agar was taken to carry out growth kinetics. The readings were taken for a period of 24hours. It was observed that the maximum growth was observed between 8-10hours and presence of agar provided a more efficient growth. It was further concluded that the bacteria might have some agarase activity. The standard protocol given by Sigma was carried out for the protease assay and two out of four strains (M1- 105.9U/ml and M2-120.8U/ml) showed better enzymatic activity. 16S rRNA gene based molecular identification was carried out for the strain.


Keywords : Bacteria, Protease, Marine, Enzyme activity, Optimization