Volume No. 12 Issue No.: 4 Page No.: 529-535 April-June 2018




Tyagi Aditi

Department of Good Governance and Public Policy, Sri Sri University, Cuttack, Odisha (INDIA)


Received on : February, 07, 2018




Environmental issues,of late, are at the core of almost every deliberation nationally, regionally and globally in context of development, not because we as a society have become more concerned and responsive towards the cause but on the contrary, we have no choice left but to take care of the increasingly deteriorating situation and mend our ways as quickly as possible. As suggested by the chronicle of things and prompted by the state of affairs, the worldwide negotiations, agreements and declarations over and over again have re-iterated our negligence and attracted the attention of global society towards the ought-to-be inherent aspect of developmentplans and practices in the form of sustainability. The modern developmental practices appear to be in continual antagonism with the environment, both immediate andfarreaching, setting an alarm for the very existence of the mankind. Odisha, the erstwhile famous Kalinga, is a beautiful place bestowed with rich natural resources and scenic landscape. The state as a whole has been moving with a rather slow pace on developmental parameters of infrastructure, employment, income generation, social security, etc., but is trying to pick up fast in certain parts. The unscrupulous ways and frantic pace, however, have given rise to serious environmental concerns in the various parts of the state with the untapped and virgin areas still continuing to enjoy the blessings of Nature. The present paper tries to ignite the debate on the development-environment paradox in context of Odisha as well as explore the effect of various prevalent developmental practices like inconsiderate industrialization, upcoming smart city culture, etc on the environment of the place.


Keywords : Environmental issues, Sustainable development, Modernism, Paradox, Odisha