Volume No. 2 Issue No.: 4C Page No.: 920-924 April-June 2008




Sarjoo Patel

Department of Home Management, Faculty of Family and Community Sciences, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara, Gujrat (INDIA)


Received on : October 21, 2007




Earth is the only planet, among the nine around the sun which supports life. We live on earth in different types of surroundings. But when the negative aspects of the industrialization and the growing danger of resulting environmental pollution came to the forefront man realized that ignoring environment while fulfilling the needs of the human beings cannot go a long way. Problems related to the environment are not limited to one place or area, one industry or two industries, one community or three, one nation or a few nations, these problems encircle almost all the living beings on this earth. Therefore, every individual should feel responsible for the well being of the environment. Awareness about environment is necessary to facilitate conservation and regeneration of the environmental resources. Generally when we talk about environmental awareness we think about water, trees, soil, rivers, air or greenery etc. But there is one thing also present in our daily life which is very harmful and devastating destructor of our life and ecological balance, that is


Keywords : Ecological concern, Plastics, Environment, Non-degradable, Water borne disease