Volume No. 2 Issue No.: 4C Page No.: 933-938 April-June 2008




Anjali Agarwal

Department of Sociology, S.N.G.P.G. College, Bhopal (INDIA)


Received on : November 14, 2007




The protection of environment is a pressing issue. Every person, organisation and institution has an obligation and duty to protect it. Environmental protection encompasses not only pollution but also sustainable development and conservation of natural resources and the ecosystem. Today, the necessity of environmental awareness and enforcement is more demanding and urgent than ever before. Despite provisions in Indian Constitution providing for Environmental protection and many statutory provisions, the environment degradation continues. The main cause for environment degradation is lack of effective enforcement of various laws. The emergence of NGOs represents an organised response by civil society especially in those areas in which the state has either failed to reach or done so in adequately. The importance of public awareness and NGOs involvement in environmental protection is acknowledged worldwide. NGO’S have been taking a number of steps to promote discussion and debate about environmental issues, outside the broad spheres of popular media and the educational system. Advocacy and awareness is especially crucial in promoting concepts such as sustainable development, natural resource conservation and the restoration of ecosystems. NGOs can sensitize policy makers about the local needs and priorities. They can often intimate the policy makers about the interests of both the poor and the ecosystem as a whole. In providing training facilities, both at community and government levels, NGOs can play a significant role. They can also contribute significantly by undertaking research and publication on environment and development related issues. It is necessary to support and encourage genuine, small, local level NGOs in different parts of the country which can provide much needed institutional support specific to the local needs. NGOs can make the following Contributions :


Keywords : Environment, NGOs, Conservation, sustainable development, Evaluation.