Volume No. 13 Issue No.: 03 Page No.: 214-225 January-March 2019




Krupali Diyora* and Hemangi Desai

Department of Environmental Science, Shree Ramkrishna Institute of Computer Education and Applied Science, Surat (INDIA)


Received on : September 29, 2018




Rapid industrialization has leads to the discharge of waste effluents in environment and this has been great concern because of it has adverse effects. There are too many conventional methods used for treatment of waste effluent which includes sedimentation, precipitation, oxidation-reduction, ion exchange, reverse osmosis. These methods are costly, time consuming and often generate sludge. The purpose of the study is to investigate the utilization of Castor Seed Husk (CSH) as low cost natural adsorbent for treatment of textile effluent. CSH is treated with 0.2M NaOH and the powder particles are used in this experiment at different pH values(5pH, 6pH,7pH) and different adsorbent dosages(0.1gm and 0.2gm) and at different contact times (5Hrs, 6Hrs, 7Hrs).The effluent parameters are analysed in laboratory with standard methods according to American Public Health Association(APHA & AWWA). According to analysis, optimum results were obtained at 6pH, 0.2gm dosage in 100ml sample at 6Hrs. CSH removes 81.25%COD, 78.40%Turbidity, 76.92% Phenol, 72.36%, BOD, 70.27%TSS, 68.81%, Sodium (%), 66.66% Chromium, 65.24, %TS, 65.75%, Oil grease 63.46%, TDS, 63.33%sulphate, 58.40%Chloride, 41.78% Hardness, 36.46% Alkalinity and also CSH are able to adjust the alkaline pH to their permissible limits of effluent and reduce the colour in good amount. By increasing the adsorbent dosage the % removal is also increased and time is decreased (when the adsorbent dosages is 2 gm the optimum result was obtained at 50 minutes at pH 6).The main advantage of this method is treated adsorbent can be reused after washing with distilled water with 50% adsorption capacity and easy to dispose and this treated water can be directly discharged into inland surface water. So it is concluded that CSH can be used as cost effective adsorbent for treatment of Textile effluent successfully.


Keywords : Adsorption process, Castor Seed Husk (CSH), pH, Contact time, Adsorbent dosage, Effluent