Volume No. 2 Issue No.: 4C Page No.: 968-976 April-June 2008




Anusha Dubey* and Priyanka Dwadash Shreni

Hidayatrullah National Law University, Raipur (India)


Received on : October 13, 2007




Wars can never be probono for humans but the researchers strongly want to recommend for the states a proper legal regulation for testing and use of chemical or nuclear weapon so that environment can be protected globally. Globalization is a complicated process due to which the epidemic starts spreading which is the conflict of interest, resulting in war. In this research paper the researchers made an effort to correlate war and environment as ultimately the scene of environment is unimaginable and mortifying. The death and destruction is not only of humans but of the ecology, the trauma is only the effect which is realized by the people who initially felt the triumph. The damage and deterioration caused to the environment is irreversible during a war. United Nations has undertaken many studies and conferences for the environmental situation after a war. The findings indicate that the suffering continues. The researchers hope that the international donor community will assist in eradicating the severe contamination in the environmental hot spots, which threatens human health, keeps drinking water resources at risk and extends potential transboundary hazards along the rivers. The international community must discuss and decide whether the rules of modern warfare are up to date with regard to all the risks to human health and the environment. Suggestions for remedies, rehabilitation and protection are also pleaded on the basis of various international summits, conferences and conventions. Findings of various organisations and the role of United Nations Organisation is also aimed at the ultimate solution of the problem.


Keywords : Classification of damages, Damage to environment, Impact of war, Constituents of environment, Globalization.