Volume No. 5 Issue No.: 3 Page No.: 591-596 January-March 2011


Comparative study of natural liquid Neera (Borassus flabellifier `BF') with sucrose at different concentration


Sushil Phadke1, B. D. Shrivastava*, N. Dagaonkar2 and Ashutosh Mishra3

1. Department of Physics Govt. Girls College, Dhar, Madhya Pradesh (INDIA)
2. Government P.G. College, Dhar, Madhya Pradesh
(India) 3. School of Physics, Devi Ahilya University, Indore (INDIA)


Received on : October 25, 2010




Neera natural liquid is considered as a nutritious drink as containing a number of minerals salts and high in protein. It also contains acids like ascorbic acid, nicotinic acid and riboflavin. Neera syrup is produced when fresh Neera is heated and concentrated into syrup. This is used as a healthy drink in connection with Aurvade and other systems of medicine. Neera is collected over night from the west part of M.P. district. Dhar India and fermented naturally during the heat of the day. Due to this type of nature of Neera natural liquid is useful for different purpose like in bio- medical, chemical industries etc. Each liquid has a different ultrasonic velocity and angle of specific rotation; it's depending on content and concentration of the liquid. For these purposes in the present study we measured ultrasonic velocity and specific rotation of Neera BF liquid at different concentration. These measured values are correlated with different thermodynamic and molecular parameter calculated on the basis of ultrasonic velocity. We are using ultrasonic non-destructive technique because ultrasonic technique is one of the versatile methods to investigate the contents of the liquid materials and optical activity is due to molecular structure. All the substances which show optical activity in liquid state or in solutions have in their molecules some asymmetry. This type of study also helps the tribal people for their good health and wealth too.


Keywords : Specific rotation, Ultrasonic velocity, Molecular, Thermodynamic parameter, Neera.