Volume No. 6 Issue No.: 1 Page No.: 122-131 July-Sept 2011




Subin K. Jose*, Abin Varghese1, Santhosh Kumar2, G. Madhu3 and Ba

1. School of Environmental Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, P. D. Hills, Kottayam (INDIA)
2. Centre for Earth Research and Environment Management, c/o Nansen Environmental Research Centre,


Received on : May 06, 2011




A forest fire event is influenced by ecological, human and climatic conditions. Large amount economic, ecological and scenic loss will occur due to forest fire. In every year large amount of forest are burnet in Western Ghats due to forest fire. In the present study Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote sensing based fuzzy theory controlled multicriteria decision support system is used for the identification of forest fire risk / vulnerable area identification. Satellite remote sensing data, bioclimatic data, ecological, socio environmental data and topographic data where used for the present study. Field level data on bioclimatic, socio environmental and ecological parameters are aggregated and have been organized and managed in GIS frame work for the identification and management of forest fire. A multicriteria decision making system involving fuzzy based analytical hierarchy approach has been designed to arrive at a decision metric that identified the importance of causative factor of forest fire. These expert judgment and field level knowledge where then integrated using spatial fuzzy decision making algorithm in GIS environment to map forest fire risk / vulnerable area. The outcome of this study is the forest risk /vulnerable area map with four vulnerable ranges starting from very high, high, moderate and low. Based on the forest risk / vulnerable map fire management strategies where developed it include identification of suitable location for fire watchtower and new location for check dams these will helpful for the reduction of forest fire risk /vulnerability. The present study identified the potential of remote sensing and GIS based fuzzy algorithms to map forest fire risk / vulnerable area mapping and the fire management strategies. The fire management strategies include identification new location for watch tower and new location for check dams is very use full for the local people as well as the forest officials to mange forest fire and also helpful for the preparation of forest master plan.


Keywords : Forest fire, GIS, Remote sensing, Fuzzy algorithms, Western Ghats