Volume No. 6 Issue No.: 3A Page No.: 884-887 Jan-Mar 12




Vanita Aggarwal*, S. M. Gupta and S.N. Sachdeva

Department Civil Engineering, NIT, Kurukshetra, Haryana, INDIA


Received on : November 25, 2011




Infrastructural Development is at its peak all over the world and is a symbol of growth for any country. But, as every coin has two faces - Concrete is no exception. The negativity attached to construction industry is that concrete, the most popular construction material, involves use of cement which is responsible for 7% of total world's carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide is the main threat in causing global warming of the environment. Though attempts have been made to reduce CO2 emissions in environment by all possible means, but cement has not found a suitable replacement for it till date. High Volume Fly ash Concrete (HVFC) is an effort in reducing cement content of construction. The paper aims at discussing the use of HVFC in construction as a solution to address two environmental problems - one, disposal of huge amounts of fly ash, a byproduct of thermal power plants, causing environmental degradation through large areas of landfills and two, high percentage of carbon dioxide emissions in atmosphere from cement industry.


Keywords : Cement, fly ash, Concrete, High performance concrete, High volume fly ash concrete, Environment.