Volume No. 7 Issue No.: 1A Page No.: 530-536 July-September 2012




Bharodiya Anil K.* and Kayasth Manish M.

Udhna Academy College of Computer Application and I.T., Surat, (INDIA).


Received on : May 15,2012




In the modern era of information technology, cell phones are used worldwide. About 61% population of the world are using cell phones for their routine and business purposes. Cell phones have gone from novelties to arguably the most central objects in human lives. They connect people, enable business, help to behave more intelligently, and give citizens a vital voice especially important in the countries where phones are the only real means people have to spread information. Very few people know that the use of cell phone is harmful for the animals, birds, human beings and the overall environment. The paper explains the manufacturing process of cell phone along with the spirit of how this device has huge impact on the lives of individuals around the world. The authors intimate 3R (reducing, reusing and repairing) techniques to overcome the side-effects of this device. Finally, the paper concludes with the various recommendations by which the impact of this electronic gadget can be minimized and the future work that the authors try to attempt in the same direction


Keywords : Cell phone, Environment, Reducing, Repairing, Electronic gadget