Volume No. 2 Issue No.: 1 Page No.: 92-97 July-September 2007




Baddah Saad Al Sebaie

Sebaie Consulting Offices, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)


Received on : April, 24, 2007




The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a fast growing, dynamic and diversifying economy is going through a transition phase. The swiftly changing preferences, standard of living and increased dispensable income have put the entire social and cultural setup of the Kingdom on a modernization conveyor belt. Saudis with their unique social and cultural background coupled with a deep religious input are very proud of their exclusivity and this gives rise to a strong inertia for change of any nature. The youth of the society feels the greatest pressure in terms of the glamour and glitter of the modern society and the sense of affection and belonging to the traditions and past. They are at a crossroads of sorts, quite akin with similar aged people in all the developing economies of the world. This state of affairs in which economic, social, psychological and environmental factors have a direct impact on the attitude of the youth, his behavior, goals and mission of life, needs to be probed and researched to understand the actual position and put forward solutions.


Keywords : Tribal society, Regional growth, Saudization, Economic growth, Private sector