Introduction to Journal

The journal is an effort to promote environmental conservation, protection, planning and research. This International Interdisciplinary academic magazine is published by JERAD Publications, under the aegis of G.SEED (Global earth Society for Environmental Energy and Development), Bhopal, India. The journal with its much wider participation will strengthen and broader the networking system for further research and studies in the development of innovative technologies and upliftment of the environment.

The journal is relevant to create awareness about the problems endangering the environment. We must not feel that we are doing any special favour to anyone or to the world by re-emphazing on environmental protection. We are merely doing what is essential, even critical, to the survival of humanity. Drops make an ocean and every step that we can take towards sustainable development is a step towards the protection of present and future generations.

It is indeed commendable that the journal will succeed in providing common platform for Life Sciences, Physical sciences, Technology, Social Sciences, Law and Management experts, Eminent scientists, professors, industrialists and research scholars, and it is because of them this effort will achieve remarkable applause. This pooling of resources and knowledge available shall definitely prove in devising some techniques to overcome the menace of environmental problems. So let us do active research, participate and forever strive to seek and achieve new heights.


Subhash C. Pandey